Websites We Like

Anything/Everything you need for touring!

Tour Supply, Inc.

Info for and About Tour Managing!

Tour Manager Info

Your Source for Knowledge!

The Production Academy

For Everything UK!

Hire & Get Hired


The World's Trusted Currency Authority


Fly Smarter!

Seat Guru

Guide to over 850 tiki locations around the world.

Coffee Shop Locator

Find Me Coffee

For Those In Recovery

Find Local AA

The Queen of Swag

Star Gift Alliance

Database of BedBug reports

Bedbug Registry

Keeping Roadies Alive

Who's Coming to Town?

Food delivery!

Info site for the Young Guns and Noobs

This Tour Life

For TV Food Show Fans

TV Food Maps

Online Trip Calculator

Travel Math

Just because!


Fun Facebook Pages

Where the Cool Kids hang out!

Bobnet Crew Jobs

For Roadies and Ex-Roadies


Unleash your audio system!


A place for road Crew and Road Crew families

Crew Support

This is an area for Road Crew only!

The Crew Bus

By Roadies, for Roadies

Tour Pros Job and Discussion Forum

Kill some time, have a few laughs!

Roadie Memes

Amazing & Useful Apps

Hyperlocal Weather App

Locate places to play Pinball - Worldwide!

Find out info about your surroundings

For when you get lost

Where Am I At?

For the heavy readers

Kindle App for iPhone

For all a traveler's needs

The Next Exit

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