If you have a job opening you'd like to have posted on Bobnet:

We just need some basic info:  start/end dates, job title, job description, anything else you consider pertinent, and an email address for you to receive resume submissions.  We strongly suggest that you create an email address specifically dedicated to your post; thinking that you don’t want to clog up your personal inbox with responses. 

Also, please let us know if you are looking for someone based in a particular area - Nashville, LA, NYC-Metro, East Coast, etc.

Job post submissions should be sent to:  admin@bobnet.rocks

Bobnetters:  If you have a friend who is a Touring Professional, and you think they'd be interested in something posted here, we will understand if you share the job info with them.  We would prefer that the job be kept here within the Bobnet community, and go to one of our family here.  Especially considering that they have all, like you, paid to be a part of this site.  Please do NOT re-post Bobnet jobs to your website, your Facebook page, or any other place or site accessible to the public.  Bobnet is a closed and exclusive community, and the point of Bobnet is that these jobs should go to the members of Bobnet, and not be given out to people who may be unqualified.  Should we become aware of someone re-posting these jobs, the person responsible will be ejected from this site for life.

Keep it in the Bobnet Nation - please do NOT re-post Bobnet jobs to other sites!

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